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Yellow Birch Farm greens and sugar snap peas, Four Season Farm cucumber, pickled shallot, Seal Cove Farm chèvre, toasted pepita, lemon vinaigrette.  10-


Long Cove Sea Farm oysters, ½ dozen, fish sauce mignonette.  15-


Salt cod fritters, squid ink aioli    12-


Falafel, garden chimmichuri, labne, Seal Cove Farm feta, Four Season Farm romaine, fennel and cucumber.  13-


Maine fries, herbed salt, remoulade.  7-




Sauerkraut and farm cheese pierogi, poppy seed, cultured cream, cabbage salad.  17-


Lobster salad, fried green tomatoes, brown butter aioli, Milkweed + Monarch toast.  25-


Roaring Lion Farm pork meatloaf, tomato jam, onion rings, focaccia, farm greens.  16-


Misty Brook Farm beef burger, house pickles and aioli, caramelized onion, Maine greenhouse tomato, brioche bun, green salad or fries.  15-

add cheddar.   1-     add bacon.   2




Ice Cream Sandwich, chocolate dipped, old fashioned oatmeal cookie, buttermilk ice cream.  6-


Maine strawberry shortcake.  8-